Lead is a naturally occurring metal in the earths crust. It is a chemical element and has an atomic number of 82. It was and still is used because of its interesting properties of being heavy, has a low melting point, is ductile, and relatively inert to oxygen. But lead has been found to cause harm in humans and animals and since those discoveries has been phased out of many products. Lead can still be found in many older structures throughout Denver and we are here to help safely remove and clean up after it.

Why Lead removal is Vital:

  • Increases the likely hood of reproductive problems
  • Damages the nervous system
  • Damages kidneys
  • Delays development in children

D&K Works has developed a system to properly identify and remove lead from any residential or commercial structure in Denver and surrounding areas. Our professional team has a combined experience of over 50 years dealing with and cleaning up lead paint, lead products and other areas that have been contaminated by lead. Don't gamble with your health and let the experts clean up the lead at your home or job site today! Give us a call for a FREE quote. 303.818.7820

Health effects of lead

Lead is very toxic and as such, causes serious health problems when exposed to it for a long time or put anything containing lead into our body system. The most unknown source of lead is from water because some supply pipes contain lead and when the water gets contaminated, it cannot even be purified of lead by boiling. It is also worthy of note that there is no specific amount of lead in the body that is considered safe. Below are some of its health effects:
  • 1. Mental disorders: research has shown that lead has serious effects on the nervous system of man. It is observed that lead blocks receptors of glutamate which is responsible for learning and anyone that has this, will not be able to learn fast. Also, lead is responsible for some abnormal behaviors and memory losses seen in people. It also impairs concentration, causes frequent headaches and could eventually lead to madness.
  • 2. Death: you might be wondering how this is possible, but it really is. Lead displaces the zinc content of the blood and this could lead to a shortage of oxygen from the blood which in turn could lead to the death of the individual if left untreated.
Other health effects of lead include constipation, abdominal pains, stupor, decreased libido, impotence, anemia, convulsions, etc.

How Can People Be Exposed to Lead?

As earlier stated, lead occurs naturally and is easily extracted and because of this, we are exposed to minimal levels of it daily often unknowingly. In this section, we will be listing some items and places where lead can be found around us. Lead can be found in lead-acid batteries, bullets, shots, radiation shields, lead-paints used in old buildings, pigments, protective coatings, jewelry, fastenings on cloths, fishing sinkers, cosmetics products, pencils, ceramics tiles, lipstick used by women, garden hoses, etc.
Lead Removal
Lead Removal