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D&K is a small but growing family owned business that was established in 2010.

Our quality of life is better knowing that we can help people

every day and eradicate some major health risks that are in their homes or businesses; such as mold, asbestos, and lead. We keep our clients informed and up to date with the progress of the project to eliminate any surprises or confusion. Our job is to understand your unique needs so we can formulate a better solution for you and your family!

We are dedicated to excellence in what we do, from stellar customer service to our expanded knowledge, and to our prompt completion of projects.

Emergency Help is only a phone call away! Our professional team knows how urgent it is that your home or business is cleaned and all contaminants have been removed. For your safety and convenience we offer 24/7 on call service.

Integrity First

Our reputation is everything and we pride ourselves on the many referrals our happy clients have sent our way.

We stand by our work and will do what it takes to complete the job.